Strategic Planning and Roadmap Development

VASS Solutions helps its Clients develop near term and long term smart grid strategic plans and translate those plans into a roadmap of phases/release to be implemented.  


VASS Solutions facilitates strategic plan development via multi-day workshops that result in a high-level strategic framework. VASS Solutions facilitates a more extensive workshop approach used to gather utility-wide perspectives to identify the priorities to be addressed by a smart grid solution.


VASS Solutions helps its Clients translate their strategic plans into implementation roadmaps. Roadmaps articulate a realistic set of product, program and services releases. Roadmaps sequence releases in a manner that maximize benefits to Clients over a realistic timeline.

Smart Meters coming to SAWS

VASS Solutions congratulates San Antonio Water System (SAWS) on Board approval to Pilot its ConnectH2O program.  VASS Solutions looks forward to helping SAWS successfully execute its Pilot program and eventually implement an AMI and MDMS solution for its nearly 600,000 customers.

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