Smart Grid Market Awareness

VASS Solutions applies its rich and broad background of utility, vendor and consulting experience to each Client’s program. VASS Solutions employees have worked at large IOUs in the areas of Information Technology, Account Management, Marketing, Customer Services, AMI/AMR Meter Reading Technology, and Distribution Operations. VASS Solutions employees have worked for leading AMI technology vendors and deployed those solutions at Municipalities, Cooperatives, and IOUs. VASS Solutions employees have worked for large and boutique consultancies successfully implementing smart grid programs covering over 15 million metering end points.


VASS Solutions can apply this experience to your smart grid projects. VASS Solutions engages with Clients to address individual questions or provide a comprehensive understanding of potential smart grid solutions.

Smart Grid Visioning

A Smart Grid vision identifies the technologies, tools and processes of the future state utility that can appreciably increase customer engagement and satisfaction, enhance service reliability and quality, improve operational efficiencies, and facilitate greater energy efficiencies.  Learn how VASS Solutions can help you craft you Smart Grid Vision.

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