Scott Stein is a trusted advisor to SaskPower’s AMI architecture and integration team.  Beginning in late 2009 Scott worked to develop the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) conceptual architecture and business case strategy.  SaskPower is a Canadian utility providing electric service to over 495,000 customers in the province of Saskatchewan.

Scott’s role evolved to an expert advisory role on both the Meter Data Management System (MDMS) and Systems Integrator (SI) vendor procurement activity.  Scott led the AMI architecture and systems integration design, development, test and implementation work stream, and continues to work with SaskPower for future smart grid architectural efforts.   The activities and critical roles performed by Scott include:

  • Assisting in the development of the overall AMI architectural strategy in support of the program business case.

  • Serving as lead subject matter expert for the MDMS RFP and SAP SI RFP detailed requirements and vendor procurement processes.

  • Leading the architecture and systems integration efforts for the design, development, test and implementation of the complete AMI meter-to-cash implementation supporting SAP CIS and CC&B CIS systems.

  • Developing and chairing the integration specification’s Design Review Board to obtain full review and sign-off on the detailed information flows.

  • Leading the test case development to include complete integrated test scenarios with both primary flows and exception case scenarios to ensure a complete solution test plan.

  • Facilitating the transition of the as-built AMI enterprise solution from the program organization to the operational organization.


The integrated scope of components addressed includes:

  • AMI in support of both electric and gas endpoints

  • Meter Data Management System

  • Deployment vendor work management and scheduling system

  • SAP CIS Implementation through the use of MDUS services

  • CC&B CIS implementation through the MDMS available interfaces

Smart Meters coming to SAWS

VASS Solutions congratulates San Antonio Water System (SAWS) on Board approval to Pilot its ConnectH2O program.  VASS Solutions looks forward to helping SAWS successfully execute its Pilot program and eventually implement an AMI and MDMS solution for its nearly 600,000 customers.

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