San Antonio Water System

VASS Solutions is assisting San Antonio Water System (SAWS) with the implementation of the SAWS ConnectH2O Program – which includes the deployment of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution, implementation of a Meter Data Management System (MDMS), and management of an Endpoint Installation (EPI) vendor. 

The SAWS ConnectH2O program will enable automated meter reading, help identify customer leaks, and improve asset utilization.  ConnectH2O will capture and present interval data to SAWS customers providing them with the information needed to manage the consumption of water.  ConnectH2O is considered essential to achieving SAWS near and long-term water conservation efforts. 

ConnectH2O will utilize its Pilot to validate the capabilities of static metering.  Static meter technology will provide SAWS with the capability to measure low water flows unable to be detected by a positive displacement meter.  With the use of static meters, utilities are able to reduce their non-revenue water losses by capturing more of a customer’s actual consumption.  Low flow measurement also enables broader identification of customer side water leaks.  Additionally, static meters have no moving parts, so the accuracy of measurement won’t degrade over time.

The ConnectH2O Program also provides SAWS with an opportunity to partner with its sister electric utility.  ConnectH2O will utilize the AMI network of CPS Energy to read water meters.  Efficiencies of cost and scale can be achieved by such an arrangement while ensuring the security of customer data and the achievement of required service level agreements.

On October 6, 2020, SAWS’ Board approved the Pilot phase of the ConnectH2O Program.  VASS Solutions assisted with the creation of AMI, MDMS, and EPI vendor RFPs; helped create the overall negotiations strategy; and facilitated the three contract negotiations.  SAWS selected Itron as its AMI solution provider, Harris SmartWorks as its MDMS solution provider, and Vanguard Utility Services as its EPI services provider.

As critical partner to SAWS and integral component to the success of the ConnectH2O Program, VASS Solutions will provide program implementation services, facilitate acceptance testing, and contribute subject matter expertise while validating the ConnectH2O technologies through a Pilot period expected to conclude in late 2021.  Upon successful conclusion of the Pilot, VASS Solutions will continue to provide program implementation services as SAWS deploys its AMI and MDMS solutions for more than half a million customers over a 45-month period.

SAWS is a public utility owned by the City of San Antonio that provides 1.8 million people with water and wastewater services.  VASS Solutions is a privately owned company servicing Electric, Water and Gas Utility clients and their strategic AMI, SmartGrid, and Digital Utility programs.

Smart Meters coming to SAWS

VASS Solutions congratulates San Antonio Water System (SAWS) on Board approval to Pilot its ConnectH2O program.  VASS Solutions looks forward to helping SAWS successfully execute its Pilot program and eventually implement an AMI and MDMS solution for its nearly 600,000 customers.

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