Large Municipal Water Utility

VASS Solutions is assisting a large Southern municipal water utility with the selection and implementation of AMI and MDMS solutions and of Endpoint Installation vendor services.

VASS Solutions facilitated this Utility’s procurement efforts by developing and publishing three distinct RFPs and facilitating the evaluation of vendor proposals.  Evaluation included scoring, vendor cost comparison, short-listing, interviews and demonstrations, and reference checks.  VASS Solutions is facilitating the negotiation of AMI, MDMS and Endpoint Installation vendor contracts. 

Unique to this Utility is its consideration of static metering.  This technology, not broadly deployed in the US, enables the measurement of low water flows that can’t be measured by a positive displacement meter.  Utilities are able to reduce their non-revenue water losses by billing more of a customer’s actual consumption.  Low flow measurement also enables broader identification of customer side water leaks.

This Utility is also considering the utilization of an overlapping utility’s AMI solution to read Utility water meters.  Utility believes efficiencies of cost and scale can be achieved by such an arrangement while ensuring the security of customer data and the achievement of required service level agreements.

Utility expects to receive Board approval during Q4, 2020 and begin Piloting AMI technology during Q1, 2021.  VASS Solutions is providing implementation services including acceptance testing and solution validation during the Pilot which is expected to end in Q3, 2021.  Upon Board approval, VASS Solutions will continue to provide program implementation services as Utility deploys its AMI and MDMS solutions for more than half a million customers over a 45-month period.

Smart Grid Visioning

A Smart Grid vision identifies the technologies, tools and processes of the future state utility that can appreciably increase customer engagement and satisfaction, enhance service reliability and quality, improve operational efficiencies, and facilitate greater energy efficiencies.  Learn how VASS Solutions can help you craft you Smart Grid Vision.

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