Frankfort Electric and Water Plant Board (FPB) is implementing an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and data analytics solution to increase operational efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction. 

VASS Solutions’ personnel utilized its significant experience in combined electric and water AMI business cases to help FPB develop a Business Case that justifies an AMI and data analytics solution investment.  FPB’s business case was approved by the FPB Board. 

VASS Solutions then facilitated FPB’s procurement of an AMI and data analytics solution and of Endpoint Installation services.  VASS Solutions developed an overall strategy and implementation plan, developed and published RFPs for AMI and data analytics and for Endpoint Installation Services, and developed and facilitated the evaluation of vendor proposals.  Evaluation included scoring, vendor cost comparison, short-listing, interviews and demonstrations, and reference checks.  VASS Solutions facilitated the final selection of the AMI and Data Analytics solutions and the Endpoint Installation vendor and supported contract development and negotiations.  

In August, 2020, FPB’s Board approved proceeding with deployment of the AMI and data analytics solution.  Over a 30-month period, FPB will automate its approximately 17,000 water metered and 21,500 electric metered customers.  VASS Solutions is assisting FPB with the implementation of the AMI and data analytics solution including:

  • Creation and execution of a solution implementation plan including solution architecture, solution integration requirements, deployment planning and overall project management.
  • Deployment and acceptance testing of implemented solutions.
  • Development and implementation of a plan to transition the solution to steady-state operations.

The Frankfort Plant Board provides electric, water and cable/telecom services to customers in the city of Frankfort and Franklin County, KY, and portions of Shelby and Woodford counties. The electric department serves approximately 21,500 electric customers, consisting of 17,000 residential, 4,000 commercial and 500 large power/industrial customers. The water department serves approximately 17,000 meters.

Smart Grid Visioning

A Smart Grid vision identifies the technologies, tools and processes of the future state utility that can appreciably increase customer engagement and satisfaction, enhance service reliability and quality, improve operational efficiencies, and facilitate greater energy efficiencies.  Learn how VASS Solutions can help you craft you Smart Grid Vision.

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